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We offer a wide range of adventure goods from forgeworks to veteran designed products for everyone to use. We are 100% Australian owned based in Perth, HK & Melbourne. We are a mixture of Australian, Icelandic, Rhodesian and SADF Veterans. Check out our team in the side menu to get a feel for what we do. Proudly Veteran Owned & Operated in Australia since 2019. We have a small team so we appreciate your patience.

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We work really hard to provide customers with the best customer service we can with our small team and production facilities. Check out our reviews and feel free to leave them if you grab anything!


Verified Veteran Owned & Operated in Australia Since 2019.

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Important Information


We ship our locally produced products from our Melbourne Warehouse all over the world. We do our best to keep costs as low as we can. Our international items from our Hong Kong warehouse ship for free due to the wait time.


We offer wholesale products :

Flags, Stubby Holders, PVC Patches and Custom Laser Cut Patches. Our MOQ's for Flags is 30, Stubby Holders is 50, PVC patches is 50 and the LS Cut Call Sign is pay as you go on the website. Send us a message if you need help!

Returns Etc.

Please read our terms and conditions. We do not exchange or return items of clothing if ordered by mistake. Please see our returns policy for more information on this.

Zero Tolerance Policy

We have zero tolerance to rude or aggressive behaviour. Stuey set this rule and we all abide by it. We treat people who we want to be treated. The Mental Health of our team is a priority over money.

Why No After Pay

We don't believe in getting more Australians into debt. Simple.

  • Australian Sourced

    As much as we can we use Australian produced materials.

  • Sustainability

    We use recycled and biodegradable mailers and labels to reduce waste.

  • Icelandic / Rhodesian Heritage

    Our company is built on the values of our culture. We involve it in everything we do.

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